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Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services

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Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce sales cloud is a customer relationship management platform that is designed to support sales, customer support, and marketing in Business- To- Business(B2B) and Business-To – Customer(B2C) contexts.

we believe that customer satisfaction is the ultimate game-changer in this digital age. We are a skilled team of Salesforce experts and certified developers who provide competitive Salesforce development services with a record of 100% client satisfaction. Users can use the sales cloud to “build long-time, loyal customers.” Connect all of the teams from sales to marketing to customer service to finance and beyond, “to guide each prospect through a personalized customer journey.

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key Benefits

Campaign Management

Campaign management in salesforce helps in projecting organization marketing programs that are targeted to generate better revenues. with power of salesforce sales cloud implementation services. Examples of Campaign programs are Emails, Seminars, Advertisements, Events and Telemarketing.
Salesforce Sales Cloud
Lead Management

Lead Management

Sales Cloud in salesforce can be used to track the campaign and help assign leads to appropriate people.  A leader in the sales cloud is a potential customer who has shown interest in buying a company’s product or services as a result of campaigning or out of their interest but they may not be fully qualified for buying yet. They could be the customers with whom the company has never done any business are they are hence a potential customer leverage power of salesforce sales cloud implementation services.

Contact Management

Anuhya Digital can set up salesforce sales cloud implementation services and maintain the contacts of key business people that are involved and driving our business deal. There is also an option to tag the contacts to an already existing account And it gives complete information on customers including previous communications, discussions, key contact numbers, and emails.

Contact Management
Case Management

Opportunity Management

It can create opportunity to sales with your customers. Opportunity are used to file and track progress that are coming from clients/customers. Based on severity, like the contact who purchasing a product, the account to which this issue belongs to, etc.

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Customization Solutions

All our Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Solutions are customized to meet your particular prerequisites to convey the key cloud benefits. Our solution will be unique for each and every customer, Our designing solution is building based on approach or use cases after discussing with client.

Tracking Leads

We have the aptitude to utilize different devices that help organizations oversee different use case and track client issues proficiently. We are always think proactively and provide update solution that helps development transaction comes without any issues. our salesforce sales cloud implementation services will helps to lead business requirement into design patterns.


We promote a creative work environment where we continue to challenge ourselves to improve our processes. We believe that flexibility leads to excellence.

Support and Guidance

Our Salesforce Certified Consultants offer consistent help and preparing for best yield. You can add certainty and speed to achieve your business objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce sales cloud ?

Salesforce Sales cloud is CRM based solution built exclusively for sales and connects with the customer to close deals. Sell your products to customers from anywhere using salesforce business automation.

How do I use Salesforce Sales Cloud?

  1. Plan your sales path
  2. Create a plan for user creations
  3. Implement your custom sales path
  4. Set up your sales process with the opportunity management
  5. Train your team and start using it.
  6. Create a report and dashboard to track the progress of your team’s respones.

What is the difference between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud in Salesforce?

The Major difference between sales cloud and service cloud is majorly salesforce sales cloud deals with Lead management, web to lead functionality  and service cloud deals with case management , web to case functionality

What is Salespath in salesforce lightninng ?

sales path leads you to where you need to go. Using sales paths helps your sales reps adopt and adhere to your company’s sales processes without getting sidetracked. Paths guide your sales users and help them stay focused on important sales tasks so they can close their deals quickly.

What is Einstein opportunity scoring ?

Einstein Opportunity Scoring uses data science and machine learning to score your opportunities so that you can prioritize them. By using machine learning, Einstein Opportunity Scoring provides a simpler, faster, and more accurate solution than traditional rule-based scoring approaches.

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