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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an extremely helpful modern tool for engaging your customers and enhancing their whole experience. Incorporating this software into the work of your company is a top priority. Combining your marketing and sales forces is a winning strategy for gathering information about clients, engaging them in efficient ways and coming up with new beneficial strategies.

Our services can successfully identify new customers and nurture existing customers by driving trust and building loyal customers through our Marketing Cloud Implementation Services. We create a real-time engagement as and when required by our clients.


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Key Benefits

Messaging & Automation

Understand the audience, automate their journey and connect through email and social platforms. Our configuration team enables:

  • Journey Builder: identify customer steps, personalize cross channel communication every touch point: onboarding, engagement, loyalty
  • Interaction Studio: insights into real time interactions, tracking digital, offline and customer assisted engagements
  • Email Studio: Segment lists, create personalized messages, send & track emails; 1-2-1 or 1-2-many
  • Mobile Studio: send SMS, MMS, push & chat messages in real time (Mobile Push, Mobile Connect, GroupConnect)

Data & Advertising

Our team will connect to multiple communication channels to provide you with the ability to reach out to your customers in the way they require:

  • Messaging: Live message, SMS, WeChat & WhatsApp
  • Email engines
  • Embedded Services: Live agent (Snap Ins), Chat bots, video chat
  • Social networks:Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
  • Telephony (CTI), Call centre implementation & configuration
  • Community platforms
  • Service X, a VRP product for cross channel communications.

Social Studio

Social Studio provides deep insights into customer conversations across social media channels, enabling quick responses to comments & queries. We configure:

  • Social listening to understand what is being said about you / your competitors
  • Content platforms to create and approve messages
  • Approve and publish across social media channels
  • React to enquiries via connections with Sales and Service Cloud

Reporting & Analytics

Marketing measurement & analytics tools drive marketing effectiveness and optimize personalized brand engagement. Our technical teams connect Marketing Cloud with:

  • Dataroma: cross platform marketing intelligence in a single source, data analysis using AI capabilities, shareable reports, dashboards and performance graphs, alerts & actionable reports driving ROI
  • Google Analytics 360: automatic integration to gain insights into campaign effectiveness, content relevancy, CTRs and conversions, Google Ad spend, cross channel engagement rates, audience activation

Why Choose Anuhya Digital for your next salesforce sales cloud implementation services ?

Customization Solutions

All our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Solutions are customized to meet your particular prerequisites to convey the key cloud benefits. Our solution will be unique for each and every customer, Our designing solution is building based on approach or use cases after discussing with the client.

Tracking Leads

We have the aptitude to utilize different devices that help organizations oversee different use case and track client issues proficiently. We always think proactively and provide update solution that helps development transaction comes without any issues. our salesforce marketing cloud implementation services will helps to lead business requirement into design patterns.


We promote a creative work environment where we continue to challenge ourselves to improve our processes. We believe that flexibility leads to excellence.

Support and Guidance

Our Salesforce Certified Consultants offer consistent help and preparing for the best yield. You can add certainty and speed to achieve your business objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud used for?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing platform that has capabilities to support many facets of marketing including multi-channel campaign execution, dynamic customer journeys, pre- and post-campaign analytics including audience building and segmentation, social media engagement and advertising, and a data .

How do I know if I have Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Log in to Marketing Cloud. Click the name of your account. Copy the MID value for your account. In a separate browser tab or window, navigate to

What is the difference between Automation Studio and Journey builder?

With Automation Studio, marketers can create highly complex segmentation across a high volume of data and from multiple sources. Journey Builder is where you send your segmented audiences through highly specific, customized journeys based on the data within the Marketing Cloud.

What is Automation Studio in Marketing Cloud?

Automation Studio is a Marketing Cloud application used to execute multi-step marketing and data management activities on an immediate, triggered, or scheduled basis. Use Automation Studio’s workflow canvas to build simple or multi-step automations.

What is Marketing Cloud advertising studio?

Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio helps you enhance your email marketing goals with advertising. … Find new prospects with lookalikes, and re-engage inactive users within the customer journey across digital advertising. Use Advertising Audiences in Advertising Studio to activate your CRM data for targeting.

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