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Manage the customer service teams of your organization anytime, anywhere with the Salesforce Experience Cloud Unique experiences and segmented audience and build relationships. Salesforce Experience Cloud gives you tools to build digital platforms that connect customer data and interaction channels.


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Key Benefits

Customer Service

We can help you identify and implement the best customer service option for your business, whether a self-service portal, a knowledge base, a forum, or a combination thereof. We facilitate customers in creating cases online through processes and workflows to resolve issues faster only involving support agents when needed.

  • Mobile responsive
  • Self-access knowledge base
  • User forums
  • Engaging community portals
  • Live chat with bots and customer service agents

Account Management

Anuhya Digital configure business account portals providing direct account information and access to knowledge base libraries. Integrations with 3rd party solutions, such as financial management, eSignature, and document generator tools allow customers to update their profile and quickly submit requests at a convenient moment.

  • Access to customer account information
  • Track order progress
  • Self-access knowledge base and resource portals
  • Escalate support issues through bots to support agents
  • Mobile responsive

Partner platform

We build customised and branded communities for seamless enterprise collaboration and streamlined business processes, such as partner recruitment, onboarding & training, marketing, activity tracking, lead generation, selling, and support.

  • Collaboration portal
  • Automated data sharing and workflow
  • Lead generation and sales tracking

Branding Management

Disrupt your industry with innovative market-leading collaboration platforms to exchange information and ideas with peers, experts, and thought leaders. Our experienced developers can accelerate Experience Cloud deployment.

  • Networking & communication platform
  • Content management
  • Provide a developer platform
  • Connect with eCommerce solutions

Why Choose Anuhya Digital for your next salesforce sales cloud implementation services ?

Customization Solutions

All our Salesforce Cloud Implementation Solutions are customized to meet your particular prerequisites to convey the key cloud benefits. Our solution will be unique for each and every customer, Our designing solution is building based on approach or use cases after discussing with the client.

Tracking Leads

We have the aptitude to utilize different devices that help organizations oversee different use case and track client issues proficiently. We always think proactively and provide update solution that helps development transaction comes without any issues. our salesforce sales cloud implementation services will helps to lead business requirement into design patterns.


We promote a creative work environment where we continue to challenge ourselves to improve our processes. We believe that flexibility leads to excellence.

Support and Guidance

Our Salesforce Certified Consultants offer consistent help and preparing for the best yield. You can add certainty and speed to achieve your business objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce experience cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud is the platform integrated with Salesforce that gives you the ability to create online communities for communication with customers, partners, or employees. This platform allows you to build a branded space with many customisations.

What is Experience Builder?

Experience Builder is similar to the Lightning App Builder, except the fact that it is used in designing and building Experience Builder sites with the use of Lightning components. Just like Lightning App Builder, we can use standard or custom components so that the admins can create Experience Builder pages with point-and-click customization.

Can we build SEO for Salesforce community ?

Yes,  we can implement SEO for Salesforce community sites and help to resolve your customer queries via in salesforce experience cloud implementatiion. It helps to build Onpage SEO Optimisation.

What is CMS Connect ?

CMS Connect allows embedding assets from a third-party CMS in one’s Experience Builder site. One can connect CMS components like HTML, CSS, JSON, and JavaScript to customize sites and keep its branding consistent with the website. Moreover, it supports personalized content from Adobe Experience Manager as well.

what are features of customer account portal template ?

  • Experience Builder pages along with components
  • Global search consisting a customizable list of searchable objects
  • Tile menu for a visual navigation experience
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Responsive, rich look and feel across multiple devices
  • Customizable branding and designing

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